Welcome to our religious education program for children and youth. The primary goal of our religious education program is to offer a safe community for our children and youth to explore and develop their beliefs and to understand our UU faith and principles.  We aim to inspire discovery, inquiry, interrelationships and reverence for life in all its diversity, and have lots of fun along the way!

At Central Unitarian Church, we believe that faith development and religious exploration are lifelong endeavors.  Preschool aged children begin to learn about our shared values and our part in the interdependent web of all life through fun classes filled with stories, songs and creative activities.  Elementary aged children begin to explore bigger life questions through wisdom stories from many different cultures and world religions, including Unitarian Universalism, and learning ways to put their UU principles into action.  At the Middle School ages, our students begin on a 3-tier journey of deeper learning and self-discovery.  From Building Bridges, through Our Whole Lives, and finally the Coming of Age programs, our young people progress from learning about other faiths to developing their individual beliefs.  Our High School students meet regularly to continue to put their principles into practice by creating safe spaces for their friendships and continued personal growth, while working on community and congregational service.

Religious education does not end at youth group but continues through adulthood.  At CUC, we offer continuing educational opportunities for adults throughout the church year.

Benefits of Religious Education

Friendship: Children and youth make new friends (including

their teachers) and get to see “old” ones.

Life Skills: Religious Education is a place for learning how to celebrate our joys as well as cope with life’s challenges

Faith Development: UU children and youth can learn what to answer when someone asks, “UU? What’s that?”

Self Expression: We use all the senses in our classes, there are arts and crafts, games and fun.

Community: Religious Education gives children and youth an eager audience. We genuinely care about what the best, or worst, part of your week was.