Meaning of Membership

When you become a member of Central Unitarian Church, you enter a committed relationship that involves both rights and responsibilities.  The commitment itself is important.  For you, commitment is the engine that powers your spiritual journey.  For the congregation, your commitment increases the energy and effectiveness of our religious community in serving the broader community of which we are a part.

Your Rights

By becoming a member of Central Unitarian Church, you gain rights to —

Pastoral Care.  If you have a problem, you can expect the energetic support of the congregation.  This comes primarily through our Pastoral Care committee but also through our minister and many volunteers who cook meals, provide transportation and other assistance, and offer expert counsel.

Help Decide the Congregation’s Policies.  We are a democratic community in which the congregation is the ultimate decision-maker on matters ranging from selection of a minister to the annual budget.  On a day-to-day basis, we are governed by a Board of Trustees elected from the congregation, to which the minister and all committees report.

Have Your Voice Heard.  All members can expect that their opinions will be listened to respectfully and thoughtfully.  Your view may not always carry the day in the ongoing “conversation” that is congregational life, but your independent voice will be valued.

Your Responsibilities

In joining Central Unitarian Church, you also take on responsibilities to —

Attend Regularly.  Sunday is the high point in the week for our religious community, and members are encouraged to attend Sunday worship services as faithfully as possible.

Stay Informed.  Read CU In the News, our biweekly newsletter, for information on upcoming sermons, religious education classes, social justice projects, congregational policy issues, fundraising and many other enjoyable social activities.  You can also check the calendar for the latest information on upcoming activities.

Share Your Time and Talent With Us.  Central Unitarian Church depends on volunteers to help teach classes, produce our worship services, and engage in social action — not to mention fundraising, caring for our facility and managing our congregational life.

Financially Support Our Mission.  We also depend on our members to pledge annual financial support so that we can be effective in carrying out our ministry of service to the congregation and the greater community.