Volunteer Opportunities

Members and friends of Central Unitarian Church like to put their faith into action, because it is only by giving of ourselves that we gain greater meaning, fellowship and joy in life. If you are new to our congregation, there are easy ways to get started putting your skills to work, and getting to know some great people in the process.

Chalice Lighting, Coffee Hour and Flowers
One individual or family lights the chalice during each Sunday Service. We are always looking for volunteers!

Coffee and refreshments are served for our Coffee Hour at the end of every Sunday service in the back of the sanctuary. Volunteers are always needed to help brew the coffee and set up the snacks. It is a great way to get involved in an easy and accessible way!

Flowers are provided by congregants each week to remember loved ones, honor someone, or to celebrate achievements. There is a steady need to provide flowers for the Sunday service and we would be delighted to have your flowers featured.

For each of these three volunteer opportunities you can pick and choose the date you want to volunteer– please contact our Office Administrator Marie Bustamante at mariebustamante@cucparamus.org to sign up!

For the musically-minded, the CUC choir offers a chance to perform regularly during Sunday Service under the leadership of a professional director. Rehearsals are Monday evenings at CUC starting at 7:30 pm.

Craft Day
After service on the first weekend of December, the Religious Education committee stages this art-and-crafts event for children and adults. Volunteers learn individual crafts and then help others to master them.

Rummage Sale
This annual event in the fall raises money for CUC while providing low-income families in the area with valuable merchandise at deep discounts. Volunteers sort and price goods, set up the site and manage the 3-day sale.

Teach Religious Education
Volunteers teach all classes from pre-K through high school, and many of our adult courses as well, within a structured program and complete curriculum provided by our Director of Religious Education Dylan Debelis. Please contact him at dylandebelis@cucparamus.org

Welcome Team
In the spirit of hospitality, we field a team of five volunteers every Sunday to greet newcomers, usher and take the collection. It’s a terrific way to meet like-minded people on Sunday morning.

And that’s just the start! If you want help getting started, contact the Membership Committee.