Join a Sunday School teaching team today!

‘Keep the Promise’ to our children. Join a Sunday School teaching team today!

Every time we conduct a child dedication at a Sunday morning worship service, an important rite of passage in our Unitarian Universalist tradition, members of the congregation promise to welcome, care for, teach, and bless the child. The words of the ceremony go like this:

In welcoming and dedicating this child, we celebrate the miracle of life. We rejoice when children are born and raised in a loving circle of parents, friends, teachers, and community. Let us say together, “We welcome you.”

Children born into the world need the love and care of others. Each deserves to be held in loving arms, surrounded by caring people, and taught lessons in good ways of living. Let us say, “We will care for you.”

Children have the right to know what it means to be human, to grow in knowledge, to name their God, and to make life beautiful and good. Let us say, “We will teach you.”

We were all once children. We were loved and nurtured. We learned and grew. Now it is our turn to love and nurture, teach and guide this child and all children. Let us say, “We bless you.”

In May, members of the Religious Education Committee for Children and Youth reach out to you, members of the congregation, and ask you to consider committing some of your time and talent to our children and youth in the cooperative Sunday School program at Central Unitarian Church. The campaign theme is “Keep the Promise,” reminding us of the promise we make to welcome, care for, teach, and bless our children as they begin their religious journey at Central Unitarian.

The request is simple: Join one of the teaching teams, attend the Teacher Training Program on September 10, and commit one or two Sundays a month, September to May, to teaching a one-hour Sunday School activity and lesson. Teacher-friendly curriculum and materials are provided. Just one hour of preparation the week before is all it takes. Our new Director of Religious Education — to be introduced soon! — will provide guidance and support. Teaching is a rewarding and fun experience: You’ll learn and grow yourself!

Recently the Religious Education Committee for Children and Youth adopted this mission statement: “The Religious Education Committee’s mission is to create a Religious Education Program that fosters Unitarian Universalist Identity through teaching our principles, practices and history, building congregational relationships, and serving the greater community.”

Please join a Sunday School teaching team and help keep the promise we make to our children. If you taught this year, we hope you’ll continue for another year. If you haven’t taught in a few years, we hope you’ll come back. If you’ve never taught our children, we hope you’ll consider trying this new experience.

See a member of the Religious Education Committee following the Sunday morning programs to sign up.

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