Covenant Circles

Covenant Circles, also known as Small Group Ministry, offer a way for us to minister to one another and create a more spiritually-connected religious community.

Covenant Circles, comprised of up to 10 people for a period of one year, are open to anyone who wishes to participate, whether members are visitors.  The group meets monthly in a participant’s home, at CUC or elsewhere as the group determines.  Guided by a facilitator trained by our minister, the Circle reflects on a different topic each month, such as fear and anger or trust and forgiveness.  Members of the Circle covenant to support each member’s spiritual journeys, promise to listen with intention, share personal stories without judgment, discuss in order to understand and work to maintain spiritual friendship.

The aim of Covenant Circles is to meet needs that we may not know we had: the need for intimate connections, for a chance to process our fast-moving lives, and for a trusting environment where we can be honest and care for others.