Stewardship Weekend

February 25-26 is Stewardship Weekend, the kickoff to our annual fundraising campaign.  Your pledge of support gives Central Unitarian Church the information we need to plan our budget for the coming year and know how much we are able to spend on personnel, our facility and our many programs.

February 25
Community Night of Giving

Experience the magic of giving in this intergenerational evening of games, dinner and music that kicks off CUC’s annual Stewardship campaign, where we raise the money that keeps our congregation running day by day.  Learn what it takes to keep our doors open and our programs strong while you enjoy a buffet dinner, activities for children and adults, and the music of a local jazz group featuring CUC member April Elsasser.  Leave that evening with your 2017 pledge packet and bring it to make your pledge on Generosity Sunday the next morning.

February 26
Generosity Sunday

We gather for a worship service dedicated to generosity, where members and friends pledge their annual financial support for our mission and programs.  Hear from fellow members about what this congregation means to them.  Complete your pledge and light a candle of faith as a visible symbol of your financial support.