February 21: ‘Spirituality and Emotions’

We explore ‘Spirituality and Emotions: Strange Bedfellows or Interdependent Necessities’ on February 21. Dick Kessler, Church Member, bid on and won a sermon of his choosing at last year’s Spring Fling fundraiser. He selected the topic “Spirituality and Emotions: Strange Bedfellows or Interdependent Necessities” for Rev. David Horst to explore and discuss on Sunday morning, February 21, at the 10:30 worship service.

Unitarian Universalism is often labeled a “rational religion” with Sunday mornings devoted to “intellectual stimulation.” Though true in part, our faith has an emotional side that also informs our spirituality and theology. In his sermon, Rev. Horst asks Unitarian Universalists and members of Central Unitarian Church in particular to name and claim the emotional content of our worship, educational, social action, and pastoral ministries. What holds us back from expressing ourselves emotionally? How do we (or should we) best express emotions and risk being vulnerable? Will emotional expression create disagreements or conflict? Can we “view our differences as strengths and seek to meld them into harmony” as our Congregational Covenant calls us to do? Let’s get emotional and explore this topic.

We begin the service with the dedication of the Pearly and Troyer-Kulstad children. David Horst, Minister; Matt Anderson, Director of Music; Robin Slaw, Director of Lifespan Faith Development, and Myra Aaronson, Worship Associate, lead the service. Music with the Choir and House Band. Children join us for the beginning of the service and then depart for Sunday School.