February 28: ‘Keep the Light Burning!’

We ‘Keep the Light Burning!’ on Stewardship Sunday. We believe in the power of the light: The light of love and trust, of compassionate action, of learning and growth of the spirit, and of living a life that reflects our values. We share the vision of a better world, a better world that begins with each and everyone of us in this community. Following an evening of all-ages fun and fellowship at the Saturday Night Lights event, we gather to consider the ways we turn our vision of a better world into reality. One of the most important ways our vision becomes reality is through the financial gifts we give—a giving and sharing that connects one to another and strengthens our bonds of community. Join us for our annual Generosity Sunday on February 28 at 10:30 a.m. David Horst, Minister; Robin, Director of Lifespan Faith Development; Matt Anderson, Director of Music; and Susan Gempler, Worship Associate, lead the service. Robin’s story, “Supriya’s Bowl,” comes from the Buddhist tradition. David’s sermon topic is “Keep the Light Burning” is also the theme of the Stewardship campaign. Music with the House Band. Children join us for the beginning of worship then depart for Sunday School.