Join us for Summer Worship Services in August

Join us for Summer Worship Services every Sunday morning in August at 10:30 in the Sanctuary. Families are welcome. Childcare for infants and toddlers provided. Services take place in the air-conditioned Assembly Room in the event of extremely hot weather. Bring food and beverages to share. Ruth Viera is our Welcome Host.
August 7 ~ ‘Attitude Adjustment’ and ‘The Other’ presented at this gathering of Clan Munro. Randy Mathis and David Horst, Worship Leaders. Sarah Brett England, Pianist.
August 14 ~ ‘Bad Religion.’ David Horst, Worship Leader. Joan Field, Pianist.
August 21 ~ ‘Jumping Into Change.’ Melanie Davis, Worship Leader. Matt Anderson, Pianist
August 28 ~ ‘Refuge in Hell.’ Josef Machac, Worship Leader. Beth Wilson, Accompanist.