Join us for Sunday Worship Services in July

Join us for Sunday Worship Services in July at 10:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Families welcome. Childcare for infants and toddlers provided. Services take place in the air-conditioned Assembly Room in the event of extremely hot weather. Bring food and beverages to share.

July 3 ~ ‘Reflections on Independence Day.’ Terry Cummings, Worship Leader. Joan Field, Pianist

July 10 ~ ‘The Challenge of a Global Economy.’ Herb Ouida, Worship Leader. Terry Cummings, Worship Associate. Stewart Kautsch, Pianist

July 17 ~ ‘This I Believe.’ Peter Horton, Worship Leader. Terry Cummings, Worship Associate. Matt Anderson, Pianist

July 24 ~ ‘A Covenant of Connection and a Curation of Creation. ‘ John Freund and Abby Kessler, Worship Leaders. Terry Cummings, Worship Associate

July 31 ~ ‘The Parable of the Trees.’ Terry Cummings, Worship Leader. Susan Gempler, Worship Associate. Stewart Kautsch, Pianist

August 7 ~ Gathering of Clan Munro. David Horst and Randy Mathis, Worship LeadersSarah Brett England, Pianist

Summer Worship Services continue through Labor Day weekend. Homecoming Sunday is September 11.