September 10: Homecoming Sunday and Water Communion

We begin our new church year this Sunday morning, September 10, at the 10:30 all-ages Homecoming Sunday service and Water Communion followed by a Church Picnic as we welcome each other back to our religious community.

The Water Communion ritual is widely practiced in Unitarian Universalist congregations across the country when members and friends reunite following their summer travels and ventures to favorite rivers, lakes, and oceans near and far. At the beginning of the service, we mingle the waters in a large vase and give thanks for our safe and happy return to our Central Unitarian community.
Homecoming Sunday features music with our Church Choir and Musicians. Lynn Sodora, Director of Religious Education; Matt Anderson, Director of Music; René Galván, Choir Conductor; and David Horst, Minister, lead the service. My sermon topic is “Come In!”
David and Susan Smilon are our Welcome Hosts. Church Members Andrea and Herb Ouida provide the flowers and light the chalice.