September 22: ‘Start the Conversation’ with Gina Bruno

The Women’s Alliance of Central Unitarian Church

presents Start the Conversation”

Sunday morning, October 22, 2017 at 10:30

Guest speaker Gina Bruno shares her recent experiences working with local high school students and explain why she felt compelled to “start the conversation” with these young adults about female and male positions in our society and in the larger global community.

Before becoming a high school teacher, Ms. Bruno worked in Ethiopia with rural women’s empowerment groups as part of her Master’s program in International Affairs. That experience made her aware of the need for students to expand their horizons and learn about global affairs, contemporary issues and the ways in which the roles of men and women have been viewed throughout history. To this end she created and taught the high school curricula in Women’s Studies and Contemporary Issues and Global Affairs that met state and national standards.

Ms. Bruno talks about why she thought it was necessary to create these new courses and expose her high school students to different times and realities to help them explore and articulate their thoughts and feelings on topics that might have been out of their comfort range for a variety of reasons.

Guest Artist Kathy Moser provides the musical part of the program. Ms. Moser is an award-winning songwriter, engaging performer, and passionate environmentalist who is dedicated to bringing positive change to the world through music both on and off stage.

Women’s Alliance Member Susan Springstead is the Worship Leader.

Come learn that we can all – young and old alike – “start the conversation” that will enable us to grow and become our best selves.

This service is presented by the Women’s Alliance with funding from the Mary Block Grant Fund