October 18: United Nations Sunday

United Nations Sunday ~ ‘Gaia Weeps’ Pope Francis has put climate change front and center on the religious agenda, the United Nations World Climate Summit in Paris is coming up at the end of November, and the science on global climate change is well established. In our annual UN Sunday service, [...]

August 20: ‘Imagining God in the Age of Science’

Rev. David M. Horst leads the Summer Worship Service on Sunday morning, August 20, at 10:30. Anticipating the solar eclipse, Rev. Horst discusses “God in an Age of Science” in his sermon. Church Member Joan Field is the accompanist. Childcare for infants and toddlers provided. Bring food and beverages to [...]

December 13: Presenting ‘Christmas Tapestry’

The Children and Youth Faith Development Committee presents the Christmas Tapestry as part of the worship service on Sunday morning, December 13, at 10:30. Robin Slaw, Director of Lifespan Faith Development, adapted Christmas Tapestry from the book by Patricia Polacco. The short play features a multigenerational cast of Central Unitarian children, [...]

December 6: First Sunday service introduces ‘expectation’ theme

‘Expectation’ is the worship and learning theme for December. We introduce our next monthly theme, expectation, at the First Sunday service on December 6 at 10:30 a.m. The December holidays are filled with expectations with our plans for feasting, gift-giving, family gatherings and rituals, church and workplace celebrations, and more. [...]

November 29: Jesus Reborn

  On this First Sunday of Advent, November 29, at 10:30 a.m., we take a fresh look at the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth from a Unitarian Universalist perspective. Each year Jesus is symbolically reborn, and in the passage of time our understanding of him evolves and deepens. [...]

November 22: Thanksgiving Celebration and Pie Brunch

Central Unitarian Church in Paramus welcomes the community to its annual all-ages Thanksgiving Celebration and Pie Brunch on Sunday morning, November 22, beginning at 10:30. The program features choral music, traditional hymn singing, a story, and a presentation by the Rev. David M. Horst entitled “Gratitude and Remembrance.” A Pie [...]

November 15: Love Without Exception

Robin Slaw, Director of Lifespan Faith Development, leads the morning worship service on Sunday morning, November 15, at 10:30 with Matt Anderson, Director of Music; Arthur Eves, Worship Associate; and our house musicians. Her sermon is “Love Without Exception.” Our Universalist heritage calls us to love without exception. What does it truly mean [...]

November 8: Ancestors of Tomorrow

On Sunday, November 8, we continue our exploration of ancestry with David Horst, Minister; Robin Slaw, Director of Lifespan Faith Development; Matt Anderson, Director of Music; and Charlie O’Reilly, Worship Associate. We welcome guest artist Mark Sganga, guitarist. Ms. Slaw’s story is “My Spiritual Ancestor.” Rev. Horst’s sermon topic is “Ancestors [...]

November 1: First Sunday service

Come to our First Sunday service this Sunday morning, November 1, at 10:30 as we begin our month-long inquiry intoAncestry. We’ll take a broad view of ancestry, remembering family predecessors as well as spiritual ancestors who continue to influence our lives. The American novelist Ralph Ellison wrote, “Some people are your relatives, but others [...]

October 25: Many Paths, One Goal

Three members of the Prague Unitaria congregation from the Czech Republic and their Minister, Rev. Petr Samojský, visit Central Unitarian Church and the N.Y. Metro area this week and weekend. The group arrives on October 22 and meets with members of our Partner Church Committee at a dinner tonight at the home of Annette and Josef Machac in [...]