CUC on Sunday

Central Unitarian Church holds worship services on Sunday mornings beginning at 10:30 am. Services last about 60 minutes and are followed by Coffee Hour, where we enjoy refreshments and conversation with friends and visitors.  Services led by our minister and member of the congregation, take place year-round.

During the hottest days of the summer, we shift services from our main Sanctuary to a smaller, air-conditioned Assembly Room.

What to Expect

Services open with announcements about the many activities and projects at our active congregation. The young people of our congregation typically join their elders for the first fifteen minutes of service, and this time is reserved for such intergenerational activities as the sharing of joys and concerns and stories for all ages delivered by the minister or director of religious education.

After the young people go to their classes, the minister provides a meditative reading to draw the congregation into the spirit of worship.  The sermon is the high point of each service and may cover topics from living a spiritual life to social justice, from theology to the understanding of current events in a religious context.

Music from our house band is a vital part of our weekly celebration of faith.  A musical interlude is a central part of each service.  The congregation sings hymns both traditional and modern.  Our choir performs many times per year.

Worship With Children

We are a kid-friendly congregation ready to help with the sometimes challenging job of bringing youngsters to a worship service.  Our religious education classes, from pre-Kindergarten through 10th grade, welcome visitors in addition to regular students.  To arrange a visit, simply check in to the Religious Education office and ask to speak with the Director. For the very young, we offer a crib room staffed with professional childcare providers for children from infants up to pre-Kindergarten age.  If you prefer to bring your infant into service and he or she gets fussy, you may retreat to the crib room, where a loudspeaker will allow you to hear the sermon while caring for your child.

What to Wear

We dress neatly but informally for Sunday services.  We are comfortable with each other and respect our house of worship, and our clothes reflect it.