We celebrate the Flower Communion this Sunday

Join us this Sunday morning for the all-ages Flower Communion ceremony and the conclusion of our church year. Bring a flower to share. David Horst, Minister; Lynn Sodora, Director of Religious Education; and Jillian Sosinsky, Worship Associate, lead the program. The Church Choir sings, conducted by Robert René Galván and accompanied by Matt Anderson, Director … Continued

‘Endings and Beginnings’

Join us this Sunday morning for an all-ages service marking changes and passages in our church community. The program features the dedication of three children into religious life, the Bridging Ceremony for our three high school seniors, and recognition of departing staff members Jim Karabin, Sunday Morning Coordinator, and Allison Cryer, Student Minister. We also … Continued

‘Healthy Mind, Healty Spirit’ is Sunday’s topic

This Sunday morning we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month and re-affirm our commitment to the Stigma-Free / Mental Health movement in Bergen County and beyond. David Horst, Minister, explores the connection between mental health and spiritual health in his sermon “Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit.” We welcome the All Seasons Chamber Players as our Guest Artists. … Continued

Join us for Religious Education Sunday!

This Sunday morning we gather for our annual all-ages Religious Education Sunday service. During the service, our children share what they’ve learned this year and teachers, volunteers, and Religious Education Committee members give testimonials. Lynn Sodora, Director of Religious Education, and David Horst, Minister, lead the service with Matt Anderson, Director of Music, accompanying. We … Continued

‘Sailing Our Spiritual River’

Members of our high school Youth Group lead the annual Youth Service this Sunday in a program entitled “Sailing Our Spiritual River,” encouraging us all to delve into our spiritual rivers and reflect on our journeys. Our high school seniors share their stories and reflections on their recent study trip to our partner church in Prague, … Continued

‘Love into Being’

Our Candidate for Minister, Rev. Andrée Mol, leads us in worship this Sunday as we begin our Candidating Week together! Rev. Andrée’s sermon topic is “Love into Being.” Ubuntu is an African term that means interconnection. It reminds us that as individuals we have an origin in the other. We do not emerge out of nothing. We exist because of … Continued

‘Sing and Rejoice!’ with us on Easter Sunday!

Join us for our all-ages traditional Easter celebration. The program features Easter hymns, music, stories, songs, and prayers. Allison Cryer, Student Minister, and David Horst, Minister, lead the program. The Central Unitarian Church Choir, conducted by Robert René Galván and accompanied by Matt Anderson, sings “Rise Up!” and “Simple Gifts.” Our Guest Artist is flutist Marv … Continued

Broadway comes to Paramus this Sunday!

Join us for a concert-worship program featuring Andrew Foote and Adrianne Hick performing an array of Broadway selections, accompanied by Matt Anderson, Director of Music. David Horst, Minister, presents a reflection entitled “All I Want.” Allison Cryer, Student Minister, assists. Sunday School classes meet at 10:45. Coffee and conversation follow the morning programs.  

‘How to Get Committed’

Central Unitarian Church welcomes us on Sundays. It educates our kids in religion and morality. It offers us friendships and a chance to do good in the world. But is that all the church is to us? Church Member Rab Bell explores how commitment to the congregation can change our lives, if we let it, in his sermon … Continued

We honor ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

This Sunday morning we honor “Transgender Day of Visibility” and welcome Zr. Alex Kapitan, a trainer, speaker, consultant, editor, anti-oppression activist, and trans/queer lifelong Unitarian Universalist, presenting “Transgender Faith: Moving Beyond ‘Welcome’ to Transformation.” Phil Sosinsky, Worship Associate, and David Horst, Minister, assist. Sunday School classes meet at 10:45 following the opening of the worship service. … Continued