‘A Skeptic’s Guide to Praise’

Allison Cryer, Student Minister and a student at Union Theological Seminary, leads this Sunday’s worship service and presents a sermon entitled “A Skeptic’s Guide to Praise.” The service also features Robert René Galván, Conductor, and the Church Choir performing “Amazing Grace” and “As Truly as God is Our Father” based on a text by Julian … Continued

Join us for the all-ages Spring Equinox service!

This Sunday morning as we celebrate the first day of spring at an all-ages Spring Equinox worship service-in-the-round. Children and families are welcome. The program features the Celtic duo of Carol Crittenden, Singer, and Margery Fitts, Harpist, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Lynn Sodora, Director of Religious Education, and the Religious Education Committee present … Continued

‘What Unites Us’

A recent survey by the Public Religion Research Institute/The Atlantic identified deep divisions on ideals of religious and ethnic pluralism in America. This Sunday, David Horst, Minister, discusses the implication of these findings in his sermon, “What Unites Us,” and how we might respond as a religious community committed to equality and fairness. Delores Connors, Worship Associate; … Continued

‘Unitarian Universalism at Home’

This Sunday we conclude our three-part series, the “Central Unitarian Church People Project,” featuring the Amory and Karl Hartman and their family. David Horst, Minister, presents a sermon based on the Hartman’s story entitled “Unitarian Universalism at Home.” The Church Choir, conducted by Robert René Galván and accompanied by Matt Anderson, Director of Music, performs. … Continued

John Freund presents ‘It’s the Principle of the Thing’

Church Member John Freund leads the worship program this Sunday morning, February 24, at 10:30. His sermon topic is “It’s the Principle of the Thing.” A gifted musician and composer, John also performs two of his songs “Beginning from the End” and “Threads of the Web.” Much of our moral sense of ourselves as people … Continued

‘Growing Our Values’

Join us for the second of the three-part Central Unitarian Church “People Project” featuring a video with Jillian Sosinsky, one of our youth who grew up in the congregation, in the series created by Carina Kuhl, Church Member. David Horst, Minister; Lynn Sodora, Director of Religious Education; Allison Cryer, Student Minister; and Matt Anderson, Director of … Continued

‘Love’ is the name of the tune this Sunday!

Join us for an all-ages “Love” worship service featuring doo wop music with The Original Mixed Company singing songs from the 1940s to the 1970s. Children and famlies are welcome. David Horst, Minister; Lynn Sodora, Director of Religious Education; Matt Anderson, Director of Music; and Allison Cryer, Student Minister, lead the service. The Women’s Alliance … Continued

‘Adopt Your Church’ stewardship campaign begins!

The Central Unitarian Church Stewardship Team invites you to Generosity Sunday! The theme this year is ”Adopt Your Church.” Rev. Horst’s sermon is “A Story of Love in Action.” Enjoy a morning of inspiration and tasty lunch. In return, we ask you to bring a decision about your pledge for the 2019-20 fiscal year that starts in … Continued

‘Good, Evil, and Shades of Gray’

Church Member Maria Nieves presents “Good, Evil, and Shades of Gray,” which explores moving beyond static ways of thinking of the binary of good and evil and how it can benefit us to embrace shades of gray in our interactions. Rab Bell, Worship Associate, and Allison Cryer, Student Minister, lead the service with Lynn Sodora, … Continued

Join us for three events to remember and honor Martin Luther King Jr.

On January 20 and 21, join us for three events to remember and honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. At our all-ages Sunday morning worship service on  Sunday morning, January 20, at 10:30, Church Member Theodora Lacey tells her story of growing up in Montgomery, Alabama, and her role in the Civil Rights … Continued