Online Worship Service: Preparing for the Journey

March 22, 10:30 a.m. Facebook Live: are all preparing to face the unknown.  What do you do to prepare for a journey when you don’t know where you are going?  Rev. Andrée and the CUC worship team reflect on what it means to travel through spaces of uncertainty and what spiritual resources we can use … Continued

On Civil Disobedience

In July 1846, Henry David Thoreau wrote Civil Disobedience, explaining the reasoning behind his refusal to pay taxes as a protest against slavery and the US war with Mexico. His writing, which would go on to influence many others, including Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. declared that “it is the citizen’s duty to … Continued

A New Hour: The Legacy of Unitarian Universalist Women

Women actively shaped Unitarian Universalism throughout its history, even though it took many generations before women were formally allowed to assume leadership roles, including serving as ordained ministers. We’ll explore the contributions of leading women within UUism including women within our own Central Unitarian Church, and consider how their legacy has shaped the way we … Continued

Singing the Soul

Robert René Galvan (Choir Director) and Matt Anderson (Music Director) lead music Sunday. Our service includes readings and performances by the CUC choir, house band, and special musical guests along with a homily from René Galvan.

All-Ages Service of Love

Join Rev. Andrée Mol and Lynn Sodora (Director of Religious Education) for an all-ages service exploring the various ways love shows up in our lives. Together, we’ll sing, share stories, and create a valentine of caring which represents how we all make love tangible in our world.

Generosity Sunday

We gather together to celebrate all that we give and receive from our beloved congregation, Central Unitarian Church. The service marks the beginning of our pledge campaign for the 2020-2021 pledge year. During this time we ask you to consider how your stewardship — no matter what shape it takes — helps to contribute to … Continued

Volunteer and Leadership Sunday

Our beloved congregation relies on the dedication of our volunteers to contribute their time, energy, and talents to our daily activities and decision making. This Sunday, we will hear from some of our congregation leaders and what their contributions to CUC have meant to them.

Martin Luther King, Jr Sunday: Don’t Sleep Through the Revolution

Martin Luther King, Jr delivered a lecture titled “Don’t Sleep Through the Revolution” to the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly in 1966. We will look back at his inspiring life and consider the relevance in 2020 for the words he delivered directly to UUs.

Our Covenant with Each Other

Unitarian Universalism centers covenant — the commitment we make to each other as a congregation — over belief. During this service we’ll celebrate and recommit ourselves to the Central Unitarian Church covenant. We’ll also explore the challenges and heartaches that come with upholding our covenant.