Our Covenant with Each Other

Unitarian Universalism centers covenant — the commitment we make to each other as a congregation — over belief. During this service we’ll celebrate and recommit ourselves to the Central Unitarian Church covenant. We’ll also explore the challenges and heartaches that come with upholding our covenant.

Finding Your Word

After the beginning of a new year, instead of committing yourself to a list of resolutions, find and commit yourself to a single word. Rev. Andrée will share the power of committing to a word for a year as a spiritual practice. Along the way, they will share the word they’ve chosen for themselves for … Continued

Year-End Service

The Sosinsky family leads our service to mark the end of the year.

Christmas Eve Service

Invite your family and friends to join us for a long-held CUC tradition: our Christmas Eve service. We will gather with song, story and candlelight to celebrate the joy and wonder of the holiday.  The CUC Choir performs.  Service starts at 7:00 p.m.

Holding the Light

The story of Hanakkah is one of resistance, hope and miracles. At its core is the belief that we do indeed have enough to sustain us through dark and challenging times. During our service, we will celebrate the spirit of Hanakkah and its message that still burns bright in 2019.

Winter Spiral Worship Service

Join us for our all-ages Winter Spiral worship service, created and hosted by the Children and Youth Religious Education Committee. This very special service “in the round” lifts up our UU Sixth Source honoring earth-based traditions. Coffee and refreshments follow the program. All children and families are welcome. We are also hosting an Open House … Continued

Moving Still

In the quiet (and necessary) days of late autumn when the earth lays bare, nature beckons us to reflect on stillness, even when the pace of our lives (especially during the holiday season) often insists that we keep on moving. During this service, we will also welcome our newest members to CUC!

Hope Among the High Waters

We all hear plenty of bad news concerning backsliding on environmentalism, racial justice and more across our country — and in our state. Even while we seemingly “await the deluge” there is much good news to share and build upon too. Guest minister, Rev. Rob Gregson will talk about some of the extremely positive developments … Continued

Tending to Our Spirit (November 17, 2019)

In 1897, a small group of individuals founded the Hackensack Unitarian Congregational Church. By 1956, the congregation had outgrown its walls and moved to Paramus, changing its name to Central Unitarian Church (CUC) and reaching out to the liberal religious community in Bergen County. Contained within our 122 year history is the spirit of the … Continued